The Best Oxygenating Skin Care—and How it Works

Oxygenating-Peter Thomas Roth

If we were going to convince ourselves that anything in the skin care world might be a gimmick, oxygenating skin care would be high on our lists, because how can anything that bubbles, foams, and tingles on the surface of the skin be anything more than a novelty? Here’s how: delivering oxygen directly into the skin increases cell metabolism, which means that it helps skin to shed dead cells faster and replace them with newer, healthier ones. When your skin lacks oxygen due to clogged pores and environmental debris, it results in dullness, breakouts, and even premature aging.

Oxygenating skin care also has some history. Its first use was in medical treatments: pressurized oxygen is still used in hospitals to hasten the healing process of burns, courtesy of that same circulation-boosting quality that encourages skin to repair itself faster.

If you’re still not entirely convinced, we urge you to give one of these glorious oxygenating masks a try. Yes, they bubble, they foam, and they tingle—and not only will you be a convert after your first use, but they’re perfect for summer, too, thanks to their cooling components. Give ‘em a chance.

Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask works just as the name suggests—it bubbles, in a big way. Chockfull of vitamins, antioxidants, and brightening boosters, this mask works deep within the pores to infuse the skin with clarity and a healthy glow.

Oxygenating-ExuvianceYou’ll notice the difference immediately with Exuviance Bionic Oxygen Facial, which promises—and delivers—smooth, supple skin that looks totally rejuvenated in a single use. This is our go-to for early mornings following late nights, or even lazy weekend afternoons when we’re in dire need of a fast, effective pick-me-up.

Oxygenating-BlissLike a breath of fresh air for your skin, Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask combats the damage from environmental aggressors that affect our skin on an all-too-regular basis. Refreshing, revitalizing, and energizing, this vitamin-packed mask is the antidote for dull, tired skin.

Oxygenating-SephoraSeriously effective, gentle on sensitive skin, and reasonably priced, SEPHORA COLLECTION Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating is the perfect gateway for those feeling trepidation about putting something that bubbles and foams onto their skin. White tea extract works as a powerful antioxidant, while vitamin E hydrates and soothes.

Oxygenating-Dr BrandtDr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask works like a splash of cold water and a week’s worth of rest and relaxation: it purifies the skin, ridding pores of any dulling buildup, and makes it look downright luminous. You may be stressed, but your skin certainly won’t be.

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Weekend Obsessions: The Best Natural Makeup

best natural makeup

When it comes to my makeup, I'm an anything goes kind of girl—but lately I've been thinking harder about the ingredients that actually go on my face. And I'm not the only one; natural makeup is huge right now, and with Gwyneth and Jessica Alba both set to release all-natural beauty lines, it's only going to get bigger.

Fortunately for us, all-natural makeup is totally awesome right now, proving that you can get amazing formulas and colors without any concerning ingredients. So here are my 5 picks for the best natural makeup out there right now!

Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick ($26,

I am a lipstick snob of the first water, so when I say that this is one of the best lipstick formulas I've ever tried, it is the highest compliment of which I am capable. Gorgeously smooth color combined with amazing staying power and beautiful new silver packaging (coming soon!) easily puts these lipsticks on par with ultra-luxury brands—I have these in every color, but I especially love Georgia, an intense raspberry that is my official date night lip color.

best natural makeup

RMS Lip2Cheek in Modest ($36,

I love products that multitask—the fewer things I have to lug around with me, the better—and this lip and cheek tint is a total gift from the beauty gods. It's described as a “rich berry,” but I think it's more of a universally flattering medium pink with very faint gold undertones. On my cheeks, this gives me the most wonderful natural flush…and applied to my lips, it looks like I've been making out all day. It has a coconut oil base, so it never really “sets” on your skin; this gives you eternal dewiness, but can also be challenging for girls who wear glasses (it tends to rub off on your frames). To get around this, apply a thin layer of translucent powder overtop, and volia! The perfect cheek color that will not budge.

best natural makeup

Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminator ($26,

By now, you know that if there's one thing I want, it's for my skin to be so radiant that it hurts to look at me. That's where Josie Maran comes in: this highlighter is the perfect shade of creamy, dreamy golden bronze that blends like a dream and makes my skin look beyond shimmery. Plus, it's packed with awesome-for-your-skin ingredients like Argan oil and grape seed oil. My favorite trick is to mix a tiny blob in with my tinted moisturizer for an all-over glow.

best natural makeup

bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm ($16,

I've said it before and I'll say it again: these lip oils are AMAZING. So soft! So hydrating! So brightly colored! They're the Platonic ideal of summer lip colors; my favorites are Plumberry Pop (a bright raspberry popsicle shade) Click Here For More

15 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles from Pinterest

You've got the dress, the nails and the partner: now all you need is the bridal hairstyle. No longer just a vehicle for a veil, your wedding day hairstyle is a choice as important as your dress (but perhaps not quite as important as your choice of partner).

Well, worry no more: we've rounded up the most gorgeous bridal hairstyles for your weekend perusing pleasure. No matter your hair length or wedding day style, we've got your dream hair right here. Get ready to say I do.

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10 Nail Polish Mistakes We’ve All Made—and How to Prevent Them

iStock/Getty Images

iStock/Getty Images

It takes more than the perfect nail polish color to get a flawless manicure, and it's safe to say we've all had the unfortunate experience of completely messing up a manicure, most frequently within mere minutes of finishing the last coat of polish. You don't need to be a professional manicurist to do a great job painting your nails, but you do need to watch out for some common nail polish mistakes, from using old polish to doing your nails right before bedtime. We all make these mistakes, so rest assured that you're not alone! Here, we've rounded up the 10 most common nail polish mistakes, and how to prevent them.

Taking a hot shower right after applying polish.
Never shower immediately after a manicure, as you probably haven't give the polish enough time to set in, but a hot shower? That's even worse. “Exposing [the nail polish] to the heat and steam of the shower can cause [it] to bubble or smudge,” says Danielle Candido, manicure expert for Gelish.“It's best to wait a full hour after the manicure is done before showering.”

Going to bed right after applying polish.
Although nails will appear dry within 20-30 minutes, it actually takes a full 24 hours for nail polish to fully dry. “A super easy trick to help the drying process along is to wait a minute or two for your polish to start setting up, then run very cold water over your hands for about three minutes,” says Candido. “The cold water helps the polish set up faster.” However, she warns, “Be careful to not to run the water directly on the nails as the force of the water may cause the polish to smudge.”

Skipping topcoat.
“Skipping a topcoat not only cuts down on the shiny finish of the manicure but it also shortens the longevity of the manicure,” Candido says. She also recommends applying an additional layer of topcoat every other day for an even longer lifespan.

Skipping base coat.
Who hasn't thought they could get away with skipping the base coat once or twice? You live and you learn: Candido explains that base coat smoothes the surface of the nail for a flawless finish, improves adhesion of the polish to the nail plate, and prevents the pigments in the nail polish from staining the natural nail, which means avoiding the yellow nail struggle altogether. It's an extra step, but totally worth it—for more reasons than one.

Applying thick coats of color.
To compensate for the color looking lighter and sheerer on nails than in the bottle, we tend to paint on thick coats of color. In this case, though, patience really is key. “When we apply color in thick layers the polish takes much longer to dry, and the longer it takes to dry, the more likely we are to smudge the manicure,” Candido says. Instead, apply thin, even coats and wait two minutes in between. The polish will actually dry faster. Also, Candido adds, “If you apply a heavy coat of polish, it's much more Click Here For More

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Product Spotlight: Get Salma Hayek’s Rose Eyeshadow

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We're obsessed with Salma Hayek—her brains, her talent, her incredible face. Something else we love? The beauty risks that she takes on the regular, and her latest red carpet look is no exception. Never in a million years would we have thought to pair pink eyeshadow with a slightly smoky eye and lined nude-toned lips, but Salma has truly shown us the way.

The secret to this stunning eye look? Not one but two pink eyeshadows. Mary Phillips, Hayek's long time beauty guru, says that by using a shimmery rose—the lightest shade in Tom Ford's Eyeshadow Quad in Seductive Rose, $80—on top of a similarly colored matte shade. “The matte brings out the shimmer, and the shimmer brings out the matte, and those opposing forces make her natural eye color sparkle,” Phillips tells People. A little bit of smudgy black eyeliner topped off with volumizing mascara ties the entire look together beautifully.

The trick to wearing pink eyeshadow is to make sure it stays on your upper lid; rimming your entire eye with it can make you look like you have conjunctivitis. It's also important to keep a neutral colored “barrier” between the rosy shadow and your eye—like Salma's black eyeliner—to make sure the shade doesn't make your peepers look unduly red.

And if you don't want to embrace Salma-level bright pink shadow? Ease into it with a splash of pale rose. Tom Ford's shimmery shadows are highly pigmented yet sheer, so wearing the light shade minus the matte will give you a romantic, not overpowering, wash of color. It's the perfect, wearable way to embrace pink shadow this summer.

Will you be rocking pink eyelids this summer? Let us know in the comments, via Facebook or on Twitter!

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10 Stunning Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

When it comes to inspiration for sexy cropped haircuts, short hairstyles for thick hair can often feel like trying to solve a particularly complicated math equation. Do you cut it short and run the risk of looking like a runaway hedgehog, or do you leave it a little longer and suffocate your scalp under a layer of crazy-thick locks?

The struggle is real—and yes, we know, because we've been there. So if you're looking for a cute crop that works with your hair instead of against it, you're in the right place: We've rounded up the very best short hairstyles for thick hair of all time. Look through, feel inspired, call your stylist ASAP. Because after all, short-haired babes have the most fun.

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The 5 Best Alternatives to Gel Manicures

Gel-Butter London

For quite some time, we've been on the hunt for quality gel manicure alternatives. In some cases, we won't argue that the old adage “beauty is pain” rings true—you can't keep roots that perfect shade of blonde without a little discomfort. But one thing that we really want to avoid is incurring long-term damage on our skin, hair, or nails. It's been years since we've willingly subjected ourselves to the dangerous UV light of tanning beds, but with gel manicures so en vogue, that's pretty much what we've been subjecting our hands to every two or three weeks.

It's scary, but it's true—but the upside is that, just as we've since found excellent alternatives for the tanning beds of yore, more and more at-home gel manicure alternatives are making their way onto shelves. These five DIY versions are safer, gentler on nails, and way cheaper in the long run, so if you ask us, it's a win all-around.

For long-lasting polish that requires no more effort than your usual at-home mani, Butter London Patent-Gel Top & Tails Set uses a base coat and a top coat to seal in glossy color for up to two weeks. The finish is seriously shiny, and like all of the beloved British brand's lacquers, is formulated without harsh chemicals. Sandwich your favorite butter LONDON polish between the duo, and you're good to go.

Gel-Deborah LippmannDeborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro makes nails look seriously lush, thanks to a new and improved system that offers shiny, long-lasting salon-quality results sans exhausting removal process—you can use any nail polish remover, which means you can avoid the harsh effects of acetone on nails. No soaking, no scraping, no problem.


The results of the smudge test are in, and Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat emerged victorious. This quick-dry top coat gives lacquer a rock-hard finish after just five minutes under natural light alone. You can also use it in between manicures (every other day is recommended) to seal the edges of the nails, ensuring you won't see any chips. Better still, the thick polymers smooth out any visible brush strokes or imperfections, so this top coat is perfect for those who have a hard time getting their nails flawless.

Gel-CiateIf you're a truly committed gel manicure devotee, Ciaté London Geltox Starter Kit is the at-home kit for you—it turns any regular nail polish into a shiny, enduring gel while inflicting minimal nail damage. The kit includes the gel top coat, a pre-timed LED lamp that'll dry your mani in 60 seconds, a hoof stick, a designated polish remover, and a four-way buffer, so it's pretty much everything you need to turn your favorite nail polish shade into a longer-lasting version of itself.

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The Best Beauty Looks of the Week: July 31, 2015

It's about that time of year: the big summer premieres are over and Awards Season has yet to begin, and most sensible celebs are holed up in glamorous vacation locales, drinking wine and admiring their own beauty (we imagine). But fortunately for we lovers of beauty, there were still a few fabulous events happening this week—European royals brought their best red lipstick game, some OITNB stars stole the show with phenomenal hair, and Queen Nicki Minaj was perfect in every way. Here are the 10 best beauty looks of the week!

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8 Shimmery Summer Products You’ll Love

shimmering skin perfector poured review

Nothing calls for a bit of shimmer quite like summertime. Strobing is all the rage right now, so why not embrace the trend? Sparkling highlighters help to accentuate cheekbones, glittery eye shadow livens up an evening beauty look, glimmering body lotions help skin look softer, and a touch of glitter on one's lips makes them appear fuller.

But how to embrace sparkle without looking like a '90s pop star throwback? Don't worry, we've got you—the current crop of shimmery beauty products is eminently grown up and sophisticated. Here are our 8 favorite shimmery products that will have you glowing like a beach goddess in no time.

1. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured ($38,

This is one of the best highlighters you can buy. It comes in so many different colors that everyone will find a shade that works for them…and they're all amazing. Poured is the perfect combination of the already famous liquid and powder Shimmering Skin Perfectors—available in five shades and housed in a handy compact, this creamy highlighter couldn't be easier to apply and blend. You can even use the shade Rose Gold as a cream blush.

pixi flawless beauty primer review

2. Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer ($22,

Yes, this is a primer but we mostly love it for its shimmery glow. Just smooth it all over your face and wear it alone or under makeup to give your skin a subtle touch of radiance. You can even go back and dab some more on top of your makeup to give areas like your cheekbones some additional definition. Plus, it works really well as a primer, enabling your makeup to go on more smoothly and stay put all day.

nars illuminator review

3. NARS Illuminator ($30,

You can't go wrong with this cult classic. It comes in four shades, including the crowd favorite Orgasm, and each one is sure to light up your face. Simply blend it on your face with your fingers for a quick and easy luminous glow.

bronze goddess shimmering spray review

4. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray ($40,

Not only does this body spray smell amazing, but it also delivers an all-over glow for your whole body. You don't have to worry about revisiting your junior high faux-pas of body glitter with this product; the shimmer is subtle enough to be grown up, while still managing to make your skin look summer-ready.

benefit watt's up highlighter review

5. Benefit Watt's Up! Highlighter ($30,

This is an excellent highlighter for beginners since the packaging makes it so easy to use. Simply swipe the stick along your cheekbones to deposit shimmer and then use the included blender to gently diffuse it. You'll get a beautiful peach-champagne glow in seconds.

<img src="" alt="NYX Click Here For More

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News: Katy Perry’s Incredible Transformation; Would You Wear Dark Nails in Summer?

katy perry harper's bazaar

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Katy Perry has turned into Liz Taylor—for a magazine, of course. Her glam Warholian photoshoot is part of the ‘Icons' series for September's Harper's Bazaar, and also features Oprah as Glinda the Good Witch and Jessica Chastain as Joan of Arc. We could look at these photos all day. [Harper's Bazaar]

It's harder to be a model today—at least according to Tyra Banks. TyTy Baby says that, thanks to the rise of the social media, models have to always be ‘on.' “These girls have to be famous all the time,” she explained. “When I went to a fashion show, I could look like crap. I could have on mom jeans, a washed face and some Timberlands and it was no problem. These gals gotta walk in and look like they're about to do the fashion show,” she said. The entire interview is really interesting and worth a read. [E! Online]

Miley Cyrus has once again paired up with MAC to launch her second lipstick in the Viva Glam collection — this time in a bold red. All proceeds from MAC Viva Glam lipsticks goes to benefit all women, children and men living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, meaning you now have even more of an excuse to go buy yet another red lipstick. [StyleCaster]

Amanda Seyfried, known for her long locks, debuted a new ‘do that's almost a foot shorter than normal. The actress posted a picture of her shoulder-length chop on Instagram—we can't wait to see more of her chic new style! [Instagram]

Never having to shave again is basically the dream, but laser hair removal is just too damn expensive. Turns out, it's really not as bad as you thought. Here are 10 things you're splurging on that you could give up for electrolysis instead. [Pure Wow]

The summertime usually has us grabbing for our favorite pastel shade to paint our nails with, but this one beauty expert is making the case for darker hues in the warmer months. [Vogue]

It's a common routine found in most hair salons: wash hair, cut, blow dry. But now celeb stylist to Sienna Miller and Lana Del Ray, Jon Reyman, is saying you should never cut your hair wet because you're probably ending up with an unflattering cut. Yikes! [POPSUGAR Beauty]

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